The Information Centre and Destination Guide for the
Digitally Native in Port Harcourt City

Touch Port Harcourt is a multi-platform media project aimed at pushing Port Harcourt on the frontlines of contemporary city life and living experience, enterprise, art and social awakening, through accurate information management.

The project aims to correct, manage and project positive perceptions and value associations around Port Harcourt, the Garden city. In the wake of Port Harcourt’s increasing relevance to Nigeria’s economic future, it becomes of utmost importance to give Port Harcourt the kind of visibility a destination of its kind deserve, a platform for interaction and engagement. Port Harcourt is Nigeria’s second largest economy and an oil rich city, a dynamic and culture rich city with potential to gain equal rankings with cities such as Lagos, Accra, Cape town, Dubai etc.

The project will be used to shape and proactively manage the city’s reputation in regard to its key external and internal audiences, this reputation relates to how the city is percieved, its capacity to attract investors, visitors, talented people and corporate relevance.

The project is conceptualised and managed by Arden and Newton Ltd, one of Africa’s emerging world class brand strategy development consultancy with focus on creating, communicating and optimising the visibility of emerging African brands, people and organizations and helping them actualise their true potentials.

Get notifications about news and events in Port Harcourt.
Get notifications about news and events in Port Harcourt.