The convoy of the Rivers State Governor rides along a flooded street in Port Harcourt | Source: RSG

Commissioner demands better Attitude from Contractors and Residents to tackle Flooding and Sanitation.

TouchPH Desk

February 13, 2018 10:06 am

The Rivers State Commissioner for Environment, Prof. Roseline Konya has demanded for a better attitude and commitment to waste management in the state, from residents and contractors dealing with the Rivers State Waste Management Agency (RIWAMA). She said this while addressing newsmen in Port Harcourt on the state of flooding and poor sanitation in the state.

Prof. Konya said indiscriminate disposal of waste in drainage channels and on roadsides has blocked those channels, and is largely responsible for the flooding in the state. She called for a change in the attitude of Port Harcourt residents, warning that if they continue, it will be a disaster when the rainy season comes. She also added that public transport operators should have waste baskets in their vehicles, to discourage the habit of throwing waste out the window onto the streets.

On effective waste disposal, the commissioner blamed the poor attitude of contractors hired to clear the waste. She claimed that the contractors have all been paid, but have been ineffective in tackling the sanitation challenges facing the state.

Last year, some parts of Rivers State was plagued with heavy flooding during the rainy season. Many residents vacated their homes and lamented the destruction of properties. The state government promised to tackle the menace, but has not given any clear course on how it intends to tackle these challenges.

Last week, the state experienced a couple of rainy days, and some parts have already started showing signs that we may suffer similar or worse cases of flooding. Places such as Nkpolu-Rumuigbo, Eneka, GRA, Rumuelumeni, in Port Harcourt were severely affected last year.

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