Growing Competition

Port Harcourt Residents will be Spoilt for Choice as two more Taxi Apps are set to launch

Eze Wodu

March 17, 2018 07:26 pm

On-Demand private taxis have become a thing for Port Harcourt residents. Although the international cab hailing apps like Uber and Taxify were not in the oil rich city, some local indigenous startups like Pamdrive, Primanova Cab, and lately Ceety Taxi took on the market. Perhaps their seeming successes have caught the eyes of more indigenous and international investors in the cab hailing service.

In the coming weeks, Taxify and an indigenous startup – Cabby Nigeria will launch its taxi hailing operations in Port Harcourt. Taxify announced its commitment to the market through its Partner Driver Ads on Instagram, and TouchPH has been informed of Cabby Nigeria’s launch. These new entrants will widen the range of options for Port Harcourt residents to choose from. The choices go beyond just having different options of service providers. These businesses will compete in, and consequently provide varying levels of service quality and prices, and method of booking.

Taxify, as a more established business and brand operating in different countries across Europe and Africa, has better experience, and is expected to provide better quality of service – from cars, and customer service to professional drivers. They could possibly use their larger investments to make a statement by driving down prices.

Pamdrive has been in the Port Harcourt market for two years, and have endured through a tricky learning curve. They have also managed to survive the competition from other cab hailing services like Primanova and Ceety Taxi by maintaining different methods for booking – the mobile application, web, and call in options. Primanova operates strictly by call in, but completely own and control their cars. Ceety Taxi, like Pamdrive also operates the dual options for booking, and for now seem to be the preferred choice among younger users in Port Harcourt.

When they officially launch, Cabby Nigeria will operate with a mix of its own cars and that of partner drivers. They intend to rely strictly on their mobile application. The application also utilizes an AI system that is designed to receive bookings via social media and transfer them to company’s system. Cabby has launched its driver app already on Google Play Store and iOS, and has already started wooing partner drivers.

While all these businesses could be in stiff competition, churning out offers to grab a better share of the market, Port Harcourt residents and possibly the partner drivers will be spoilt with choices. Possibly testing all the features and offers of all the services to find one that best suits them. And for us at Touch Port Harcourt, we will be here to document all of it.

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